Born and bred in Eden, NY, I still live there half the year, So most of my work has rural themes. Eden is a farming community 25 miles south of Buffalo. I have known these roads and fields and silos all my life.


My interest in landscape is about the patterns and lines that Man imposes on the randomness of Nature. The roads, plowed fields and orchards all bestow a beautiful symmetry and geometry upon the earth, imparting the most logical way to get from one point to another, and thus creating endless vanishing points on the horizon.


Since 2009 my current paintings are woven. I do two similar paintings on canvas or paper, then cut or tear them and weave the pieces together. This process gives dimension to the image, and half of the painting is always hidden. I have also cut up and woven old palette papers which I have been saving for a decade. These become colorful, random abstracts.


My paintings are done in oils and acrylics and range in size from18”x18” to 30”x40”